The areas for skill enhancement are identified as follows

Awareness on essentials of working in industry and service sector. Expectations of professional approach.

Strengthen the core ability. Fine tuning of the knowledge gained in academic tenure.

Basic of work life. Occupational hazards, protection. Statutory guidelines and regulations. Safety behavior.

Waste management. Approaches in abating material waste. Concepts of waste in processes and work flows.

The most important aspect of any manufacturing or service delivery is customer orientation, various quality tools and relevant international standards.

Process orientation to solve potential issues during conflicts and to enhance collaboration, towards agreement.

Essentials to succeed in professional career as well as in life. Balance of hard skills and soft skills to diligently discharge the duties assigned.

Competency building by interdependence of Knowledge, Attitude and Skills. Desired applicability to fulfill the assigned responsibility.

Focus on self esteem, various traits in personality. Body language and behaviour required to forward ideas and thoughts to win over.

Industry orientation for work culture, functional responsibilities and  accountability. Finance cost and accounting introduction.