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At AMT Institute, we follow a closed loop process of Course design and its execution. Our course design starts with taking views of eventual Employer or Professionals who are going to employ our trainees. We follow a collaborative approach by involving Employers and professional institutions like Computer Society of India, for execution of trainings.

We intend to develop competencies of working professionals for their career growth the need of the industry is to identify and develop talent to take on additional or higher responsibilities.

We offer courses in the domain of quality, LEAN industrial engineering, process development, project management and various problem solving and analytical tools.  

Take for example our Finishing School Courses for Engineers and Commerce graduates. These courses are of 4 to 5 weeks durations and aim to prepare the graduates to be ready for the job. We train them in the industry situations and various concepts employed in the industry and business establishments. We also impart the actual shop floor orientation through planned industry visits. The commerce graduates go through accounting standards, Tally software, Auditing, compliances etc. This exposure prepares our students to face the job interviews with confidence and knowledge.

Our Automation courses help the engineers, who may be employed currently, to learn about automation systems and about various hardware used in the industry.

In addition to impart training on the technicalities of the subject we also include attitude and behavior modules in our course. We feel a right attitude and work ethics are important part of the job and the students must be made aware about it through case studies, role-plays and tests. Through our soft skill modules students also gain on self-confidence. We also have a placement cell which help the student to find right job.

Our collaborative approach is also extended with strategic tie-ups with certain skill imparting institutions. Such strategic tie-ups enable us to offer state of art skills courses such as Automation, CAD, CAM, Soft skills etc.

AMT institute is managed and supported by executives who have vast amount of industry and trade experience. We employ highly experienced trainers in the respective fields. We also invite industry CEOs and professionals to interact with our students to make them understand the actual need of industry and profession.


To summarize, AMT Skill Enhancement Institute LLP will contribute to government’s ‘Skill India’ mission and support ‘Healthy India’ and ‘Make in India’ initiatives.

The course, “Employability Enhancement for Engineers” is based on the concept of “Finishing School of Engineers”.

This course is designed to suit industry expectations for job seekers that improves employment opportunities”

  • Span of Engineering Disciplines  -The participant will come to know about various engineering disciplines & larger canvas will be introduced to explore & develop interests.
  • Understanding on Product Functioning – Know how a product functions & understand minute detail.
  • Overview of various Industrial Operations from experienced industry professionals – Functions & operations of factory/ manufacturing industry & service industry will be introduced by industry professionals.
  • Understand how products are tested & validated – Every product needs testing & validation. The process of validation of product with respect to design will be introduced.
  • Get introduced to the ocean of Career opportunities – Number of career opportunities development in segments & career paths will provide bank of careers to choose from.

The course will be initiated with the basics

  • Learn Basic Measurement Units – Understand basic units of measurement & learn how to use them effectively in industries.
  • Data Collections & Inputs Gathering – Collecting data is important to execute any work/ task. Learn technique of systematic data collection & its importance.
  • Get introduced to the Factory Act & Other Acts’ – Manufacturing is a complex environment. Get introduced to necessary requirements to setup a factory/ industry.
  • Introduction to ISO9001 & Other Standards – Quality Management System is hygiene factor in quality assurance. Understand the important features & aspects of Quality Management System & other relevant standards. 
  • Explore various Technical Standards (SI, BSI &BIS) – Get accentuate with standards like System International, British Standards & Indian Standards.
  • Know Occupational Health & Safety – Safety of workplace, occupational health hazards & protection of environment due to industrial operations is primary responsibility of working professionals & industry towards society. Refresh the concepts of Occupational Health & Safety & environmental protection.

Competency Development

  • Ability to accept & learn from criticism – Dealing with criticism positively is an important life skill. Be able to accept & learn positive things from criticism.
  • Ability to work under pressure – In every work responsibility, one has to deal with work pressure. Learn to manage the work stress.
  • Know art of Report writing, CV writing & e-mail writing – Getting a job starts with creating an impression through one’s CV. Attract the attention of potential employer with effective CV document.
  • Learn Data analysis & Creating graphs – In today’s world, data is used for decision support systems & creating meaningful value-added communication. Understand creation of variety of graphs as per costumer’s expectations.
  • Get accentuate with Flexibility/ Adaptability – Being flexible to adapt is a key to teamwork. Hone your skills & be an effective team player.
  • Explore Problem Solving Skills & PDCA – Every assignment or project is systematically done with Plan Do Check Act process. Problem solving is critical & important aspect in this process. Develop your problem-solving abilities.
  • Learn Project Management – Key deliverables in every project is on time delivery & budget control. Get professional inputs on project management.


  • Develop/ groom your personality – A great personality tends to give a boost to your confidence. Enhance & groom your outer & inner self to bring a positive change in your identity.
  • Improve Self Confidence, Self Esteem, Stage Daring – In the workplace, people are more likely to respond to ideas that are presented with confidence. Explore your soft skills to be a perfect employer.
  • Be a Smart Communicator – Develop your communication skills. Be more presentable.
  • Improve your stage daring – Stage fright is common for everyone. Build your stage daring skills. 
  • Present yourself effectively for successful interactions – Effective presentation skills are required to present your ideas, projects, plans, strategies & products in front of the audience. Enhance your presentation skills.

Soft Skills

  • Get familiar with 5S concept – 5S is a workplace organization method that uses a list of five words Sort, Set In order, Shine, Standardize & Sustain. It describes how to organize a work space for efficiency and effectiveness. Learn how to use this concept in any workplace.
  • Know Business Etiquettes – Success or failure of a business depends heavily upon the etiquettes. It helps to build a loyal work environment. Understand the Business Etiquettes & learn to apply it. 
  • Enhance Communication Skills – Communication skills allow you to understand and be understood by others. Learn various types of communication skills & practice to become an effective communicator. 
  • Explore Group Discussion & Interview Techniques – Group Discussion is very important selection tool where candidates are to be selected for an interview from a bigger group. Shine your personality by exploring these skills.
  • Develop Positive Attitude – Attitude matters at every workplace. Positive attitude improves your creativity & helps to make better decisions. Raise your positive attitude.
  • Hone Positive/ Lateral Thinking – Try to improve your thinking by solving problems using an indirect and creative approach.
  • Upgrade Presentation Skills – Presentation skills are required in every domain. By enhancing presentation skills, one can create a good impact. Develop your presentation skills.
  • Learn Team Work – To achieve a common goal or to complete a task in the most effective and efficient way, team work is important. Learn how to work in a group.
  • Upgrade Time Management skills – Time management increases effectiveness, efficiency & productivity of the work. Know how to manage time successfully. 

Basic quality tools

Understand problem solving techniques using simple statistical tools.


ISO systems, MSA, PPAP, APQP and Audits

Quality management system like ISO 9001 is an essential part for building quality. Get aware about core tools and system audits and the relevant clauses.


Energy Management

Conservation of energy or energy efficiency is need of the hour. Know various techniques of energy efficiency to minimize carbon foot print.


Industry 4.0

Fourth generation industrial revolution or connected industry is enabling quick response to manage factory operations. Get an overview of I4.0


Material Safety Data Sheets

Handling chemicals and material is a regular activity in any type of industry. Careful handling, use and disposing of hazardous materials is important for the safety and environment. Understand in detail the safety data sheets of materials.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Material Requirement Planning (MRP)

Planning for effective use, storage and availability of components or material for any supply and manufacturing chain is necessary to implement just in time availability, in cost effective manner. Get an introduction of the entire process and related available systems.


Metallurgy and heat treatment process

Special manufacturing process like heat treatment is used to improve the relevant properties of material. The qualitative aspects are covered in metallurgy, like material structure, hardness etc.


Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA)

Failure Mode & Effect Analysis (FMEA) is an effective quality tool to arrest potential risks of designing and manufacturing, in advance. Learn this preventive quality assurance tool with real time examples.


Workplace fatigue is detrimental to health. An effectively designed workplace improves productivity and health. Learn to minimize occupational hazard with ergonomically designed engineering solutions.


Statistics, Capability Study of process

A mathematical approach helps to control the process deviation and variations. Get introduced to the statistical methods to assess and analyze capability of machine, process and measuring instruments.



Computer Society of India ( CSI) is the first and largest body of computer professionals in India. It was started on 6 March 1965 by a few computer professionals and has now grown to be the national body representing computer professionals. Through the initiatives of Professor Rangaswamy Narasimhan, the first President, CSI has been in close liaison with International Federation for Information Processing (IFIP) since its inception in 1965, when observers from India attended the IFIP Council meeting.


Amt skill Enhancement institute LLP have association with M/s Technocrat’s, leader in industrial automation and the training division technocrats Academy of Automation and Control Technology (TAACT) is acquired and variety of industrial automation courses are provided.