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Refund & Cancellation Policy


1. In which cases we will refund

Training not attended by applicants due to Medical emergency, Natural calamity or  Non- delivery of the training by the institute for the same. On a written request of the applicant at the discretion of management of AMT Skill Enhancement Institute LLP.

2. How will we refund

The refund will be credited through NEFT or by cheque at discretion of AMT SEI management. Return will be made only on a written communication from the applicant.

3. How much we will refund

In case of non delivery of the training 100% of the fees paid will be refunded to the applicant.

In case of medical emergency and natural calamity 2 alternative schedules will be provided and if both of them are not suitable we will give 100% refund. However if alternative schedule is confirmed but not attended for whatsoever reason no refund will be paid and no further alternative schedule will be accommodated.

4. Refund within how many days

In case of medical emergency, refund is only available if the incident is reported within 15 days after the incidence as well as supported by medical certificate of treating doctor

In case of natural calamity the incident should be reported within 15 days. After the incident.

In case of non delivery of the training within 7 days if an alternative schedule or alternative to refund is not arrived at after discussion with management.

5. Alternative to refund

Alternative is an adjustment for the amount paid for equivalent or other training modules.

Refund will not be made once the course / training opted for has commenced, unless management of AMT SEI decides to pay.

6. Whom to contact for a refund

Mr. Sanjay Lasure – +91 9673330899

7. Time duration for decision of refund

The decision for a refund will be mutually agreed upon within a maximum of 30 working days from the date of written communication from the applicant.

8. Time required to credit refund

After the decision is arrived at from the date of mutual agreement and the clause there in, are documented in mutual agreement.

9. Refund is not applicable if

The participant did not attend the training.

During the training medical emergency of the trainer or Medical emergency of the participant or any eventual natural calamity or disaster.

10. Deductions

AMT SEI will not deduct any amount from the amount payable to the applicant. Subject  to the maximum amount paid as fees by the applicant.

11. Interest

No interest will be paid by AMT SEI under any circumstances on the amount payable by AMT SEI to the applicant as per decision arrived at.

Subject to Nashik Jurisdiction only.

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